© Leonidas Vasileiou 2012 Pomegranate  W hen the red pomegranate rolled away from its mother and reached the bank, could not at all imagine where it would be taken by the waves that embraced it only a few moments later. At the land of Snow and Whiteness, it was only a Snowman that people could make, to accompany the little pomegranate tree that sprout out unexpectedly. He talked to her about the north wind. About the snow, that filled his life. She, on the other hand, talked to him about her faraway home land. For the sun, that was her own life. And then the Snowman, invited the Sun. The first glimmers, gifted the red color back to the pomegranates. The next ones, filled the snowman’s eyes with tears. And all the others, found nothing else but a small pond laying on the tree’s legs. The roots gulped the water hankering and since then, whoever looks at the seeds can see the Snowman’s soul resting inside, an everlasting friend and memory of true love… Translation by Ann Dardali