My homeland, a small Greek town beside the sea, has two names. One,  related to the Battle of Lepanto. The other related to the sweetest  memories of my childhood: Nafpactos. The streets to the fortress and  pebbles beaches ringing our games. The stairs and dark corners of old  houses still whisper our fairy tales and dreams of children. The nights we  breathed the salt and the day we were caressed by the sun. And  grandmother too. How could I not become a writer. Before that, the school years in Patras and those in the University of  Thessaloniki. In addition, three more years of School of Drama. As long as I remember my childhood, I loved the Italian and guitar, but my parents  made me learn English and piano ... Finally, I have long taught French. And  Italian too. It was during my three children were growing up.   As my children grown up, the tales and the stories for children, took their  place in my life. The "shorts stories", my most beloved. I offer them my  time, they reward me with Literary Awards and prestige.  © Leonidas Vasileiou 2012